Everyone Has Bad Ideas…But Not Everyone Goes Through With Them

Every day I have a lot of ideas. However, like most people, most of the ideas that I have are awful. For example, an awful idea I had the other day was to go to Jack In The Box and order a taco, an egg roll, fries, and a chocolate shake. Just because all of those things are on the menu, doesn’t mean they should be eaten together. My potty can attest to that.

Unlike my Jack In The Box incident, most of the time I can recognize a bad idea and stop myself from going through with it. However, last week I was feeling adventurous, and I’m ready to take on another horrible idea. I am going to read a book every week for the next year. I know what you’re thinking, reading a book a week isn’t that difficult. You’re right. However, for the laziest person in the world (me) to read a book once a week it would be quite an incredible feat. It would be like asking the King from the Burger King commercials to not look creepy. For most people, looking “not creepy” is easy, but for the king it is impossible. Anyway, I digress.

If I’m really going to go through with this, then let’s start out with some rules. I will read one book a week, and there won’t be any page limits. One week I might read a 1,000 page book, and another week I might read, “That’s Not My Teddy“. However, that brings me to rule number two. I won’t read a book that I’ve already read. Sorry “That’s Not My Teddy” that means you are out of the picture. I feel like there should be three rules, because rules normally come in numbers like three, but I’m all out of ideas at the moment. I reserve the right to create a third rule whenever I feel like it.

Now, let the adventure begin. Please remember, all I’m doing is reading books, so this is probably going to be a ridiculously boring adventure. However, if you’re like me with nothing better to do, then I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


One Response to Everyone Has Bad Ideas…But Not Everyone Goes Through With Them

  1. Farhana says:

    haha.. good luck with your ‘horrible’ idea!

    If you haven’t already come across this site, check out: http://www.goodreads.com It’s a great place in finding out what books are worth your time. As well, you can write up your reviews there, meet other people, etc.

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