The Reading Hokie Pokie

It’s official, I have finished Crime and Punishment. One book down, and fifty-one to go.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is normally not very exciting, but this past week has been the antithesis of exciting. I would come home from work, eat dinner, and then read until bedtime (yup, I still call it bedtime). Even on the special occasion where I’d get to go out to dinner with friends I’d still bring good ol’ Crime and Punishment along in case I could sneak in a few sentences while my friends weren’t watching. I think my friend Margaret summed it up best when she said to Melinda, “And he’s going to be doing this for a whole year!?” Yup, a whole year of exciting sitting on the couch for an hour, butt gets sore so I stand up for an hour, feet get sore so I lay down for an hour, reading adventure! It’s a very sad version of the hokie pokie.

I feel so unqualified to write a review of a literary classic like Crime and Punishment, but I will say that it is a great book. It’s exciting and interesting from start to finish and was definitely worthy of being my first book in this whole escapade. What I’m most surprised about is how relevant this book is. Crime and Punishment was written by a Russian in 1866, and yet it still makes sense to a random guy like me (a Californian) in 2008. Well done Dostoevsky. Well done. It’s no surprise that this book was such a big hit in Russia that even Sarah Palin could see it from her porch in Alaska (I realize this reference is a bit stretched, but I couldn’t help myself).

Also, in case nobody noticed, I finished Crime and Punishment a day early. Boo ya! That means I can spend tomorrow running around town and causing trouble. Yup, that’s right, I’m going to the science museum! Just because I’m reading for a year doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on my natural math and science nerdiness. Then, starting on Monday, I’ll start the hunt for book number two. Hmm…the options are endless.


8 Responses to The Reading Hokie Pokie

  1. jfsimard79 says:

    So have you chosen your second book yet? If you haven’t read ‘Don Quixote’ yet I highly recommend you pick up Edith Grossman’s translation…

    Truly a timeless classic and full of humor and wit.

  2. Phil Sharp says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve always wanted to read Don Quixote. Believe it or not, I tried to read the Spanish version once. That didn’t last long.

  3. nettyc says:

    You might be interested in signing up for something like It’s a good place to “store” all the books you want to read, write a review on something you’ve read, or find your next week’s book by browsing what other people are reading.

  4. Phil Sharp says:

    Thanks for the goodrreads recommendation! A few people have mentioned it to me already so I’ll definitely have to sign up.

  5. tanabananarepublic says:

    That is quite the book for the first undertaking. I am impressed. I look forward to hearing about your next choice

  6. scrappysue12 says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog and your words of encouragement. I have bookmarked you so that I can keep track of your progress. I love reading and am working on only one book right now…..Ladies of Liberty by Cokie Roberts. It is a very interesting view of the political scene surrounding our political figures with a female perspective. Just because they couldn’t vote doesn’t mean they didn’t play a huge role. Anyway I can’t wait for you to pick your second book so I can follow your journey.


  7. jennysaisquoi says:

    i feel like i have entered a strangely ironic parallel universe. i’m currently documenting a huge to-do list on my blog and a lot of it centers around reading books i never got around to reading. i’m ridiculously anti-social sometimes, routinely don’t speak for hours, and enjoy Sarah Palin/Russia humour. kudos to you for tackling Crime and Punishment first.

  8. The Bookworm says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You’ve come up with a nice concept for your blog — I’m worried mine might be all over the place. But hey, I’m still learning.

    I also just read Crime & Punishment, and loved it. Rodya is quite the basketcase. What an interesting character.

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