The Mentalist vs John Fante

John Fante had incredible will power. For example, this is what the back of the book has to say about him: “He was stricken with diabetes in 1955. Complications from the disease brought about his blindness in 1978 and, within two years, the amputation of both legs. He continued to write by dictation to his wife, Joyce, and published Dreams from Bunker Hill.” Holy crap, he writes even as a blind amputee, and I can’t write when The Mentalist is on tv. In my defense, The Mentalist is a little bit like Santa Clause – he knows when you’re watching, and he knows when you’re not. He might even know when you’re bad or good (so be good for goodness sake), but that’s beside the point. Anyway, if John Fante is that dedicated to writing, then you know his book is good. Likewise, if I’m so easily distracted, then you know this blog is horrible. However, you probably already knew this blog was horrible, and that’s not because you’re a mentalist, it’s because you can read.


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