Woe Is I

Darn you Google for showing me ads targeted to things that I’m interested in. An ad appeared on the top of my Gmail account promoting a book called Woe Is I which is described as “The grammarphobe’s guide to better English in plain English.” Now, I’m not a grammarphobe. In fact, I’m a grammarphile. (Did I just make that word up? Maybe.) I think it has to do with the fifth grade teacher in me, but I’ve always been incredibly interested in grammar. I don’t know what it is. Some people are obsessed with video games, others with reading or music, but me….I’m obsessed with grammar. Before you get too anal on me, just because I’m obsessed with grammar doesn’t mean that I’m good at it. It also doesn’t mean that I’m well at it (haha, grammar jokes for life).

So, after seeing the ad I made a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy the book. I’m really trying not to buy many books, since I have plenty at home that I haven’t read, but the grammar nerd in me came out and forced me to make a purchase. After reading 50 pages, I can tell you that this book was worth every penny. Take these two sentences as an example: “Though it’s technically incorrect, octopi is now so common that dictionaries list it as a second choice after octopuses, the preferred plural. Octopi is for suckers.” If reading this blog gets you nothing else in life, it will prevent you from being a sucker.

Expect to get some great grammar tips this week. Actually, don’t expect much, I’m feeling quite lazy. Anyway, first things first, time to turn off Google ads before I go and spend more money.


3 Responses to Woe Is I

  1. nettyc says:

    I finished Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, absolutely loved it. A really good read. All about what affects our decision making ability (from gut feelings to over-analysis) and the impact it has, both good and bad. Just found out he wrote another book – Outliers. Another good book – Germs, Guns and Steel – though I haven’t finished it yet. I’ll have to pass on “Woe Is Me”. I have a proof reader friend who’d love that.

  2. Phil Sharp says:

    Wow, that’s the strangest coincidence. When I bought Woe Is I the other day, I also bought Blink. I was planning on reading it either next week, or the week after that. I’m glad that you liked it, hopefully I will too.

  3. scrappysue12 says:

    I need that book. Everything I ever learned in grammar is slowly leaking out of my brain along with any genes that help retain spelling. I used to be good at this but old age needs help. Thanks for the recommendation.

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